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Téamo can be found at many retail locations. If you want to know where to find Téamo near you, just use the store finder below. If you are a retailer and would like to add Téamo to your assortment, you can go here to the Dealer registration.

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      FAQ - Frequently asked Questions

      The Téamo Heat Sticks can be used with many popular tobacco heaters, including the IQOS and Lambda systems.

      No. In the Téamo Heat Sticks is instead of tobacco high quality Chinese Lapsang Souchong black tea. Thus, the sticks are also nicotine-free.

      The Téamo Heat Sticks contain Chinese black tea in combination with a flavored liquid and food preservatives. The exact composition can be found on the product detail page of each flavor.

      Téamo Heat Sticks do not contain any substances, such as nicotine, which can cause physical dependence.

      Téamo Heat Sticks are available in many stores. You can find an overview of the sales outlets in the Storefinder.

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